Lessons are primarily designed for music therapy students and professionals but are also for any interested musician wanting to play guitar from beginner level up to professional level. David’s tried and tested concepts are to teach guitar song accompaniment, i.e., to accompany oneself while singing or to accompany other musicians or singers.  Note: Lead guitar and classical guitar are not taught on this site.


Also, video lessons that actually teach songs and styles are in the subscription or “Professional” membership section under the “Rhythm/Accompaniment” and “Artist Spotlight” categories.


Music Therapy clinical musicianship will be a regular focus

LESSONS ARE SUBSCRIPTION BASED (professional membership)

1 month subscription $19.95

3 month subscription $39.95

12 month subscription $99.95


PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP – 1, 3 or 12 month subscribers. Professional members have access to all the videos on the site for the subscription duration. Also, each $39.95 membership entitles you to one video critique and each $99.95 membership entitles you to three video critiques. Video record yourself playing a song. Email David the YouTube or Vimeo URL and receive back direction and a written critique. Registration and payment required.

***consider that for the price of one or two private lessons you can have access to a comprehensive, professional guitar course.


PRACTICING MEMBERSHIP (FREE) – With registration a Practicing Member will receive site notices, e-mails and will have access to FREE videos.


SKYPE GUITAR LESSONS – At any time, email David to set up an actual private lesson via SKYPE. $25 for 30-40mins.


***Song Writing and Improvisation instruction also available via SKYPE


REFER A FRIEND PROGRAM – When a new student mentions your name receive $5 off your next $19.95 membership, $10 off your next $39.95 membership and $20 off your next $99.95 membership.


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