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I'm a beginner, where do I start?
Do I have to be a music therapy student or professional to benefit from the guitar lessons?
What videos actually teach songs and/or styles?
What do I do with this information?
How are the lessons presented?
How much do video or SKYPE lessons cost?
How do I access the videos?
Which videos should I watch first?
How often are new videos added?
What is the Refer a Friend program?
What makes this site's guitar instruction unique and beneficial to music therapy students and/or professionals?
Under 'Videos', What is Artist Spotlight?
Under 'Videos', What are Guest Videos?
What are video critiques?
How long are the video lessons?
What if I subscribe and the lessons do not benefit me?
What is 'Sheet Music Plus?'
What if I'm having difficulty with a lesson concept or technique that can not be addressed with a video?
Am I seeing things or are letters and words in the background reversed?
Is Lead Guitar or Classical Guitar taught?

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